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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 26, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> monitors arrived in syria as 20 more people are killed in heavy shelling. a car bomb explodes outside iraq's military ministry in baghdad. a veteran chinese dissident is joe for 10 years for his online political essays. a warm welcome to bbc world news broadcasting on pbs in america and also around the globe. brazil's economy is forging ahead, we reveal its new position. two stabbings and london's most famous shopping streets and one of the busiest days of the year. the first group of arab league observers has arrived to attempt
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to end the violence. at least 20 people were killed on the third day of heavy shelling. the aftermath video has appeared on the internet, but it is too gruesome to transmit on tv. but this is what the activists want the arab observers to see. unverifiable, but hard to fake images of what they say is the destruction caused by shelling of residential areas, the third biggest city. they also showed pictures that are too gruesome for us to a broadcast of the bleeding corpses. activists are calling it a massacre. but this is been going on for weeks with people reported killed every day.
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under the peace agreement, the government is supposed to withdraw armed forces from the street. it is clear that tanks are also still there and out. the arab observers want to go as soon as they can. he advanced planning team has been taken to see the aftermath of the bomb attack in the heart of damascus on friday. it was an unprecedented developments that the authorities say that the uprising is based on terrorism. they say the regime wanted to impress the observers, but it is all about terror. >> a short while ago, we got more details on how much access and independence he monitors are likely to have. >> in practice, they do have to coordinate with the syrian
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authorities because they need security. they will need to coordinate, but they say they will only let them out the last minute or on the same day when they want to go to a particular location. it will be quite difficult if there is combat or hostility is going on the moment they arrive somewhere. what the regime was to show them as that is not one-sided. they are facing armed terrorist gangs, and is fairly clear that there is some shooting or armed resistance from the anti- government side. that is the challenge they face, seeing why so many people are dying. a lot of the youtube or footage certainly suggests. >> a suicide bomb attack has killed seven people and wounded around 30.
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the bomb exploded at a checkpoint and there has been an up-surge of violence since american troops left earlier this month. >> the attacker detonated his car bomb at the compound of the iraqi ministry of the interior. their questions about how he managed to get so close to the ministry despite the heavy security presence. it follows a wave of bomb attacks on thursday in which 70 people were killed. tensions have increased since the withdrawal of the u.s. troops earlier this month. after an arrest warrant was issued against him on charges of terrorism, he accused the government of complicity in thursday's attacks. the leaders and the u.s. administration calls for talks
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have failed to bring and the leaders together. among the main factions, they formed the iraq government last year and is looking increasingly vulnerable. >> hundreds of people have attended a memorial service in nigeria. more than 30 people died in a bomb attack on christmas day. there were prayers inside the church. the militant islamic group hamas locked in a violent struggle with authorities the said they were behind the attacks. near jerusalem, the tensions mount and call for public segregation of men and women. it is the latest in a series where women have been forced to sit at the back of buses.
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the court rulings that say they can sit anywhere they please. modern orthodox in the ultraorthodox residents confront each other. the obama administration is considering a request from the yen and president of travel to the united states. a u.s. official said the request is being considered on medical grounds. a panel investigating a nuclear accident in japan has criticized the authorities handling of it. the government described the official response as confused. the operators and the industry regulators failed to anticipate such a disaster. the chinese court has announced that the dissident has been jailed for 10 years. the post of essays on line
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calling for political reform. in spite of a very unfortunate trend. jonathan joseph has the story. >> he was jailed for posting on line, calls for political reform. he has been an active human rights campaigner for decades. they criticized the chinese authorities for repressing human rights. they also talk of the manifesto published three years ago that called for an end to 1-party rule. speaking by telephone, his wife vented her frustration at the jail sentence. >> of the government wants democracy in the progression, people need to speak their negative opinions. this isn't overthrow you or subvert you. he can't do that. with the piece of paper and pen, can he subvert you?
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>> even before the internet, he was well done to the authorities. he was jailed for taking part in the gm and square protests more than 20 years ago. another dissident was jailed for subversion. and earlier this year, the well- known artist who was also jailed, part of a trend which the united nations has condemned. the statement from the human rights office said, we are alarmed at what appears to be a very unfortunate trend and severe restrictions on the rights of human rights activists. the chinese government is accused of launching a crackdown against the dissidents. their response calls for arabs spring style protests. there simply upholding the rule of law. >> would like to point out that
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it is a country that abides by the rule of law. >> he faces 10 years in prison and as an appeal will be futile so he won't bother. >> despite the gloomy economic outlook, brazil's economy is surging ahead. he is part of china, india, and south africa. jeremy looked at what it is that is making brazil so strong. >> the uk struggles to emerge from recession into play down the government that. in 2010, the economy grew by 7.5%. strong exports from brazilian
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national champion jes, the high price of export commodities has also helped. and brazil has seen a surge in the production of crude oil. it does not mean richer citizens. amongst the population of 200 million people, it is three times the size of the uk. the u.k.-based center for economic research as brazil is typical of emerging economies struggling with a developed ones. it predicts that by 2020, russia will have overtaken germany. it predicts that india with a population of over 1 billion people, france will take fifth place. husband hiszabeth's
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spending a fourth night in a hospital where he has had treatment for a blocked coronary artery. >> a spokesman for buckingham palace as the duke remains under observation and is in good spirits. the queen is being kept informed. yesterday, six of the eight grandchildren came to a hospital and spent 45 minutes at his bedside. they included prince william, prince harry, and the claim in the couple's four children came here for hospital. the duke is eager to return for the royal family is celebrating christmas. >> stay with us on bbc world news, much more to come including the forest fire forcing hundreds to a flea their
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homes in northwest italy. first, the private delegation of south koreans paying their respects to kim jong il, we have this repot. -- report. >> this is south korea's peace offering, paying their respects. and they are the only south koreans allowed to do so. when of them as the widow of south korea's best known president, father of the sunshine policy of engagement with north korea. and head of one of the country's biggest companies, a key investor in the communist state. of families have received condolences from north korea in the past. their visit is purely personal.
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but south korea is treading a difficult path between the government's past policy of the desire for new and more positive relations. >> will allow civilian groups visit for the future of north- south korea relations. >> north koreans say that is not enough evidence decided -- it is not enough and have decided to invite all south koreans to pay their respects. the youngest son is gradually assuming the title of his father left behind. he has been named as a supreme military commander has been given a top job in the ruling party. the change of face at the top, will let me know change in policy?
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the answer appears to be no. >> and could have you with us, let's update you on the headlines. the main group of an arab league observer mission has arrived in the same day at least 20 people were killed. further intobit this latest development, patrick came to the studio, he is a middle east analyst of long standing. >> the situation is dire. people are getting killed, terrible atrocities on both sides. that is the fear, it descends to the hell of the civil war. it is sending a peace mission,
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peace monitors. i think another number arriving, 80 by the end of the month and another hundred or so next month. they are trying, first of all, to preempt foreign intervention. they want an arab solution to this crisis. they're also trying to create the conditions horrid dialogue. they're trying to create pause, perhaps the protesters to stop protesting and attacking government troops. the one of the defectors to keep quiet. >> what chance is that happening? of the opposition is totally against the arab league mission. they want a peaceful settlement. >> the lot of people outside the
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country are suggesting that the syrian regime has had it. the uc them and tending to fight to the last? >> they have assets. the balance of power is still in their favor. there is no western appetite for intervention, the is a slice of the population that doesn't particularly like the opposition in this frightening of the iraq- type situation. >> you have a lot of experience in this region, how do you see this ending up? >> i fear that it could be prolonged and bloody. i think the only solution is to negotiate with the dialogue. but the opposition, some are ready for a dialogue. but on the whole, most of them are very bitter against the regime. there is increased
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militarization of the opposition. the more the opposition resorts to arms, the more it that his seems justified in trying to crush them. >> who could bring that dialogue about? >> we have to give the arab league a chance. i have long thought that we need an intervention. brazil has long family ties for the region. somebody with of clout, the really want to destroy your country? >> fire services and italy have evacuated hundreds of people as smoke from forest fires choked the air. a blaze in woodland route 3 coastal villages. some people have been returned to their homes.
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>> readying themselves to battle the flames, surrounded by a blazing with len. these fire fighters to join a team of over 1000, cackling fires that have been burning along italy's picturesque coast. the fire first broke out early on christmas day. within hours, it destroyed two square kilometers. here, near the riviera town, where water bombing planes with some way to dousing the flames. aircraft were deployed as a spread of 4 kilometers wide. the operation was hindered by a strong wind. late on monday, they were questioned over how this holiday season was sparked.
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>> the fire has traveled all over the mountain and my house. i believe someone started the fire. >> and emergency services and some of the by any suggestion that there was malicious intent. >> no, not us. someone lit a fire and didn't keep a check on it, this is negligence. >> one man suffered a slight burns, but there is relief that no lives have been lost. a small blessing for the 250 people forced to spend their christmases away from home. >> it is estimated millions of shoppers are trying to back a bargain at the annual post- christmas sale. retailers are reporting strong business.
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>> and they are off. customers came from around the world. the hell breaks those records today, have been made more than a million pounds. >> we did not spend much through of the year. >> an elderly have a budget, but i will take a look around. >> they were weary, having lined up before dawn. some shops were several thousand strong by opening time. shopping centers reported big increases in the number of people looking for a bargain. when the shops are as busy as this, it is hard to the matter and it has been a tough time for retailers, but it has been. for those that remain, prices have been cut for weeks had for
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some, the season will be make or break. across the country, stores have been driving customers with big price cuts. the shopping center was to to live with profit margins being cut. >> some of the stores will come out of this in january or february. it is actually not a very good christmas. >> online sales have been booming. retailers will be anxiously checking their sales figures to see if they have had enough customers to cover their costs. >> a hat trick for manchester united. the 5-0 lead. the city is still ahead on goal difference, cut the lead has been drastically reduced. it is the first time the city has failed to score in the
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league this season. chelsea drop points as the liverpool against the blackburn. a frustrating day for most managers of the top of the table, but here is alex ferguson. >> [unintelligible] halfnately, we'll go to time which helps us. it's a tie game, you want goals to come at the right time this season. to get in that position, there is a chance. >> today is a difficult day. you play with all players behind the ball. it is not easy.
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, soe aren't even organized we weren't lucky over there as well. we tried hard to get the second rule, and there is a fantastic day to day. we should have done a better job at the beginning. we are disappointed today. >> rise in gigs will be given the opportunity to extend his remarkable run of scoring a every premier league season. he has been offered a new contract. he says, we know we can't go on forever, but he can play for another year. in britain, campaigners what to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs.
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a quarter of a million supporters turned up for traditional hunting today. the agreement includes a pledge. >> hunting hounds has been taking place in england for more than 400 years. it is still a feature of this winter landscape. it has been six years since the ban came, these men and women have adapted. there have been consequences. he has been issuing horses for more than 50 years. not being able to hunt means that your people are buying horses. his business has suffered. many towns and riders follow especially late trails. since the hunting act came in
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2005, not a single hot has been disbanded. it is still such an emotive issue. it is the essence of the countryside, but for others, the symbol of cruelty. >> there was an explosion of chaos and the noise. >> she sought a hunt come through her village. >> what i have seen personally has made me convinced that is carrying on like the league against cruel sports, it is 5% real hunting. in my view, trail hunting is largely a myth. >> but it is hard to police. despite the ban, traditional arguments are still running. >> think you for being with us, join us again.
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